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A memoir of a Royal Navy Career - Ian Atkinson

32 Years Man & Buoy

"Excellent read. I get a mention in the book, it was good to relive some old experiences. Recommended reading, for serving and retired Submariners, or for anybody who would like a no holds barred look on Navy life."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it was a fascinating account of a massive life circle, from HMS Raleigh, back and beyond, first as a recruit and back as divisional officer (i never knew what that was, but all is explained), very funny in places and sad also, especially helping to clear up after a hurricane. If you are not services (and i am not) you will still understand how the book flows (and a submarine works) in a lighthearted manner."

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"Back In Action"

The WRS 2016 pin is now available for purchase

Please come to the WE REMEMBER SUBMARINERS facebook page for full details. Funds go to many SM related charities, the British Legion, Lady Haigs Poppy Factory and to provide wreaths for deceased submariners, serving and retired.. We are also providing funds to a submariners only welfare fund.

Many thanks.

The Black Pig's Domain
This website is run by former / serving members of the Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and contains language commonly used by Servicemen around the world. If language of this sort offends you *PLEASE DO NOT ENTER* For ex forces that it’s too quiet or too restricting on lots of sites.
This place is open 24/7. If you want a late night chat, this is the place. Welcome night birds, ideal place if you are stuck in hole in the ground, on watch, gate keeping, whatever, night shifts, secret places, just you and a computer, or no fucker talks to you ”cos you are a grumpy twat.

Historical RFA

An excellent site highlighting the ships and crews of the Royal Fleet Auxillary. Packed full of information. photographs, news and some stunning artworks.


Website for all things about this great boat including dits, reunions, commisions, news and much more.

A great site for ex Submariners.

Mesothelioma is a deadly form of cancer caused from asbestos exposure. As a result of the Navy's past reliance on asbestos in ships, countless veterans are currently suffering from life-threatening diseases caused by asbestos exposure. Today, veterans account for nearly a third of all mesothelioma cases in the U.S. The Mesothelioma Center works with individuals and their families to help them find local doctors, treatment centers and support groups. They have also created the most extensive prognosis support and information source online, and have patient advocates available 24/7 to help provide help to those in need at any time from anywhere.

The Convoys

The North Atlantic Fleet sailed from 1941 to 1945 from the UK to North Russian ports of Murmansk and Archangel to aid Russian Allies. The Russian Convoys were called ‘the Suicide Missions’ by many of those men who sailed on them. Merchant ships with supplies and ammunition were escorted by British Royal Naval ships and aircraft carriers. These supplies were vital to the war effort as German forces had Russia completely blockaded.

During the war young men of 18 were drafted into the forces and some lads in the Merchant Navy were only 16 years old. With German u-boats and aircraft intent on stopping supplies to Russia many ships were lost and over 3,000 young men perished in the icy waters of the North Atlantic, their bodies never to be recovered.

Supplies came initially solely from British sources with a greatly increasing quantity from America from January 1942. Allied supplies transported to Russia included 7,411 aircraft, 4,932 anti-tank guns and 5,218 tanks. For Prime Minister Winston Churchill, these supplies were a vital demonstration of Allied solidarity. He did however call the Arctic Convoys The Worst Journey in the World

With a total of 78 Convoys to Russia, Loch Ewe in Wester Ross, Scotland was where 19 of the convoys departed, a further 23 left from Liverpool, The Clyde (Glasgow), Oban and Reykjavik (Iceland). From Russia to the UK there were 36 convoys.

The Project
The importance of highlighting the legacy of the WWII Russian Arctic Convoys is central to the project. It is to the memory of all of these brave men who sailed on the convoys, and the many (over three thousand men) who lost their lives, that the local communities around Loch Ewe in the North West Highlands of Scotland are planning a Museum.


Loads of history, information, photographs and an active forum make this the go to site for anything 'Ton' related.

Maritime Injury Center is a premier online resource helping maritime workers (crew - captain) understand health and safety requirements of merchant vessels upon maritime waters. This includes anything from chemical spills and fires to hypothermia and drowning. Information about the Jones Act is also made readily available for merchant seaman.