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Who We Are

Only Me!

Born in 1959 Nick Barwis joined the RN in 1977 and served in HMS Raleigh, HMS Pembroke, HMS Gannet, HMS Nelson, HMS Excellent, HMS Scylla and HMS Osprey. He was disabled out in 1982.

Trained in visual arts at Weymouth Technical College and Bournemouth College of Art, popular artist Nick Barwis has been making and selling his art since 2002. Over 1500 works have happy owners since he started and is proud to say that he can count amongst them a number of celebrities from TV, film and the world of sport. Jack's Taxi is a new venture that is a dedicated site for Matelots both serving and retired.

My Art

My artworks are created using anything up to 50 separate component photographs which are combined to create more realistic and natural looking picture using a 'real life' colour palette.


I am always happy to take on individual commissions using photographs supplied by the client to produce truly unique and personal artworks at a very reasonable price. If you are interested in finding out more please feel free to contact me.

HMS Scylla

My last day at sea - paying off, 1980

HMS Scylla

Arse End

HMS Scylla

It's a hard life at sea!

My Mate Smudge

Must have been pay day!

My Old Skipper

My old skipper, Jake Backus with Jim Morton (left) who is currently walking the entire UK coastline for the Gurkhas Charity

Wembley 2022

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